Raycus Generator Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine 


1.  The fiber laser generator is high integrated, has superior laser beam and uniform power density. Output laser power is stable. This design highly increase the machine's anti-reflection ability, be able to mark on aluminum, copper, gold and silver without the shadow and virtual open phenomenon.

2.  Adopts advanced digital high speed scanning galvanometer, small volume, quick speed, good stability, performance reached the international advanced level.

3.  Modular design, separate laser generator and lifter, more flexible, can marker on bigger area and complicated surface.

4.  Adopt the embedded operating system, which the performance is leading domestic peers, good touch interface and powerful control system, can meet the demand of most industry application process in market.

5.  Adopt special flying marking control system, with good performance and easy operation.


Fiber Laser  Machine Applications


Metal  Non-metal
Aluminum Polybutylene Terephthalate
Stainless Makrolon polycarbonate
Copper Black/White ABS
Silicon Steel Nylon
Yellow Chromate Aluminum Polysulphone
Brass Rynite PET
Nickel Plated Brass/Gold/Kovar/steel Santoprene
Nickel Plated 1215 Mild Steel Silicon Carbide
Hard coat anodized aluminum Glass filled teflon
Machine Tool Steel White PEEK
Magnesium Glass filled PEEK
Metal Plated Ceramics Silicon Wafers
Molybdenum Carbon Nanotube
Carbon Fiber/Carbon Nanotube Colored Delrin
Clear coat anodized aluminum GE Plastics Polycarbonate Resin 121-R
Cobalt Chrome Steel  
Compacted Powder Iron /Iron Phosphate Coating  



Laser Machine Parameter









  Single pulse energy


  Laser beam


  Spot diameter








  Pulse range




  Fiber length


  Cooling system

  forced air

  Working Temperature


  Working Humidity


   Marking Parameter (Focal Length:140mm)

  Marking Speed


  Marking Depth


  Repetition Precision


  Min. Line Width


  Min. Character


  Gross Power


  Safety Protection Class


  Laser Generator Safety Class


  Marking Angles

  Any Angles